Do you experience constant, severe tooth pain? Have you noticed that your tooth is extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures? Are your gums swollen and tender? If so, your tooth may suffer from infection in the tooth pulp and nerves. The dental pulp, which is the innermost layer of the tooth, may become infected and damaged if injury or decay reaches past the enamel and deeper into the tooth. If left untreated, this infection can cause the tooth to die and require removal. In order to avoid these serious consequences, our gentle dentists may recommend root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment involves removing the damaged tooth pulp and nerves, then filling in the tooth with a medicated, rubber-like material. Finally, the tooth is capped with a filling or dental crown to restore the tooth to its natural shape and function. A root canal in Douglas, Arizona usually requires just one or two visits to Douglas Dental. Drs. Adams, Haws, and Evans, and our entire dental team will make certain that your root canal treatment is pleasant and comfortable. For more information on how root canal treatment can improve your oral health, we invite you to call or visit our dental office today. We look forward to restoring your smile!