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Many people believe dental cleanings are unnecessary and pointless, but if you’re one of these people, it’s time to think otherwise. Dental cleanings are extremely important and they are vital if you wish to have a strong, healthy, reliable, and functional smile. There are three reasons why you need to keep up with your six months checkups, and those reasons are:

1. When you come into our office every six months, you will create trusting and long-lasting relationships with our dentist and dental team. This is important because it helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed in the hands of our dentist, which will result in a positive dental experience.

2. Each time you come in for a cleaning, our hygienists will deeply clean, polish, floss, and nourish your teeth, gums, and underlying bone. The techniques used to do so are extremely beneficial because they abolish the infection, decay, and bacteria that are destroying your oral cavity. During the cleaning process, our hygienists will remove the plaque from the surfaces of your teeth and eliminate the risks associated with periodontal disease. This is a vital process that can only be performed in the dental office.

3. Every appointment allows our dentist to examine your entire oral cavity and identify any dental issue you have. This is very beneficial because it gives our dental team the chance to treat any problems at the early stages of development. It is also beneficial because the cleanings prevent dental issues and keep your oral cavity in tip-top shape.

Call our office today and schedule your next dental cleaning with us! We look forward to helping you reach your smile goals as well as help you have a positive and encouraging dental experience.